Xit 404 has designed a series of focus and zoom gears unlike any on the market. The basic design utilizes a novel clamping system that allows you to just slip the gear onto the lens and, with a short twist, to tighten it. No more struggling to press on a gear.

The parts are manufactured using state-of-the-art fabrication processes. These process efficiently and economically produces parts that would otherwise be impossible.

All components are constructed of impact resistant ABS plastic and color coded to help you combine components easily. Each component is clearly marked to assist you to assemble the components onto your lenses and with each other component properly.

Refer to Xit 404's Chart of Verified Housings to determine if your particular housing and lens combinations are supported. Xit 404 continues to add new lenses to its line of gears. If you do not see your lens/housing on the list contact us - it may be coming.

Focus Gear, Nauticam Sony 50mm F2.8 $85.00
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