Atlas 180 Degree Door Clip

SKU: VS100300

If you ever wanted your Airstream Atlas door to open wide then this is a solution. It is a clip that snaps onto the air piston shaft and replaces the metal clip holding the end of the shaft onto the top of the door. It allows you to disengage the air piston and gives you a full 180 degree door swing.

Pick HERE to watch a video how the Door Clip works.

Installation requires you to pull off the metal clip - pry it off with a small screwdriver. Then snap this clip onto the shaft. The Door Clip slides onto and off the retainer on the top of the door. A hook on the Door Clip stores the shaft onto the drip channel above the door.

When you want to open the door 180 degrees you pull back on the clip, store the shaft, and swing the door all the way. We recommend using something soft between the door and the side of the Atlas to protect it from scratches and dents. A bungee cord to the passenger door handle will keep the door open even in a stiff wind.

It is a bit involved but once you have it all set up it only takes a min ute to use. And the results are worth it.

(Foam Balls, String, Bungee not included)

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