Atlas (call for details)

Table Set

Aluminum tables mount to existing posts supplied with the Atlas. Set includes a Passenger Table and Keyboard Drawer, Main Table plus an Add-on Table (Leaf) with Keyboard Drawer and additional leg. All tables are supplied with their own canvass bag for storage. All table parts fit under the couch in the center behind the lift-up cover. 

Microwave Cover

The Microwave Cover attaches to the front of the microwave with magnets supplied with the 2020 & 2021 Altas models. Flip up the cover to reveal the display and flip it down to hide the bright display at night.


Fuse Guard

This Fuse Guard snaps over the fuses behind the couch to protect them. If you store your pillows there this cover will protect the fuses from damage. 

Door Clip

If you ever wanted to swing your house door 180 degrees (like the Airstream  trailer versions) then this is for you. It snaps over the air piston door stay and clips onto the door post. When you want to rotate the door all the way simply pull the clip back, swing the door and use a bungee to keep it open. Use some foam balls between the door and the Atlas to protect them from scratching. A little work but the results are really worth it.

Swivel Chair Safety Caps

These caps press onto the ends of the rails that the swivel chairs use. These ends exposed are sharp and can scrape your legs if not careful. These safety caps cover the ends. Tested on the 2020 Mercedes swivel chairs.

Cup Holder

This cupholder slips into the existing cup holders in the Mercedes cab or the couch to expand the size for those with bigger cups.