Diopter Single Mount, Aquatica 76


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Handling your wet diopters underwater is a little tricky if you don't have a way to hold onto them. Mounting them to your port is an obvious solution. Xit 404 has taken this design concept and added their own flavor. Our Diopter Single Mount Kit comes ready to attach Aquatica, SubSea, Nauticam, or Inon 67mm threaded wet diopters to your port. What makes our accessory different is it has 5 other positions where you can attach more diopter holders. Purchase an Diopter Holder Add-on Kit for a second diopter mount. Then select the best position to clear your strobes and focus lights. Or you can purchase our Macromate Pivot Arm which allows you to add Backscatter's Macromate as well. When a diopter is not in use, just swing it out of the way. A quick twist of a thumbscrew allows you to tighten it in position. The Diopter Single Mount Kit is fabricated from sturdy Black ABS plastic and clamps securely onto your port.

Categories: OPTICS

Type: UW Camera Gear

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