Teleconverter 1.4X Extension Ring - Manta Line

SKU: GM400100

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The 1.4X Teleconverter Extension Ring is part of the Manta Line and is designed to extend a Focus or Zoom Gear when you add an approved teleconverter to your lens. Approved teleconverters are by Tamron model SP AF or Kenko model PRO 300 DG. It fits between the Focus/Zoom Ring and the Gear to make up for the added length the teleconverter adds to the lens. The gear is constructed of impact resistant ABS plastic. Its color is Red. Included with the kit is a Gray Slip Ring.

Canon Manta Line of Focus and Zoom Gears Xit 404 has designed a group of interchangeable and complementary components that allows the use of a variety of Canon lenses and SLR housings. You can tell if the parts a interchangeable because they are labeled "Manta" or have a Manta symbol on them. To make a complete Manta Focus or Zoom Gear, first you purchase a gear specifically to fit your housing, then you purchase the focus or zoom ring to fit each of your Canon lenses. Also, if you plan on using teleconverters you need to purchase 1.4X and 2X Extension Rings.

Now you can swap lens configurations and still be able to manually zoom or focus. Start with a 60mm, switch to a 100mm, then add a teleconverter, or change from macro to wide angle, try close focus wide angle - with the Manta line you will always be covered.

Refer to Xit 404's Chart of Verified Housings to determine if your particular housing and lens combinations are supported. Xit 404 continues to add new lenses to its Manta line of gears. If you do not see your lens/housing on the list contact us - it may be coming.


All Manta components are constructed of impact resistant ABS plastic and color coded to help you combine components easily. Each component is clearly marked to assist you to assemble the components onto your lenses and with each other component properly.

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