Many times as a photographer one needs to get close. A Dive Stick is not a substitute for excellent buoyancy but it can assist you in getting that shot by providing greater stability. Close quarters, currents, odd angles tax even the most experienced underwater photographer - the Dive Stick adds that safety margin to get the shot and leave only bubbles. The Dive Stick is a simple device made from Stainless Steel or Aluminum. It is rounded on one end and a hole in the other which comes with a split-ring attached. Then you can decide how you would like to attach it to your BC. At 15 inches long and a 1/4" in diameter the Dive Stick is sturdy enough to hold any diver in place. Go for that odd angle, use it as a mono-pod, avoid delicate corals, hold against current - all possible with the Dive Stick.
Dive Stick, Blue
Dive Stick, Blue OUT OF STOCK - $15.00
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Dive Stick, Pink
Dive Stick, Pink $15.00
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Dive Stick, Purple
Dive Stick, Purple $15.00
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Dive Stick, Red
Dive Stick, Red $15.00
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Dive Stick, Stainless Steel
Dive Stick, Stainless Steel $18.00
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