Frustrated with water logged and broken wooden pencils? Want to take notes, make sketches, communicate with your dive buddy in the water? The Aqua Pencil is your answer. Designed by SCUBA divers who believe golf pencils need to stay on the greens. The Aqua Pencil will not rust, swell, nor fail to write. It has replaceable lead and a cool shape too.

The Aqua Pencil is great for the average diver, dive instructor, technical diver, researcher, boater, or anyone in or near the water who wants to take notes. Carry the Aqua Pencil on every dive and always be prepared to track navigation, sketch aquatic life for later identification, note deco stops, dive site names, or just play tic-tac-toe while you are hanging. For boaters, combine the Aqua Pencil with Wet Notes to track sail trim, navigation, weather conditions, boat conditions. Birders can keep memos in even the wettest conditions.

The Aqua Pencil is a simple mechanism that allows you to feed graphite as you need it by twisting the end. The graphite is 2 mm in diameter. It resists breaking and is 3.5" long for plenty of supply. The graphite is easily replaced when it gets low. The ergonomic shape fits comfortably in your hand with or without a glove. And it comes in 8 colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Black, Pink and Purple. Aqua Pencil Lead Pack NOW included.

The Aqua Pencil works with existing slate boards, wrist slates, and underwater paper like Wet Notes.

CLICK Image for  PDF Instructions on Replacing your Lead